We can ensure your family’s vaccinations are up-to-date. We offer a wide range of vaccines including all infant vaccines, as well as vaccines against flu, tetanus, rabies, yellow fever for travellers and may more.

Vaccines and injections dispensed at our pharmacies are administered free of charge, by our registered in-pharmacy nurses at Oshakati Pharmacy, Cuvelai Pharmacy and Medicine 2000

Please note that some vaccines require a prescription.

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Have you checked your blood pressure recently? On your next visit to any of our pharmacies we will be happy to offer you a FREE blood pressure check.


We offer many helpful products for treating and / or managing diabetes. These include medicines, health foods, supplements, blood glucose monitors and test strips, lancets, foot care products, footwear and more.

Importantly too, we can share advice and health information you need to manage your condition well.