People have wanted to look and feel attractive since the earliest days of civilization. Our range of personal-care products aims to help you look and feel better about yourself.

Our range of personal care products include cosmetics, toothpastes, sunscreen, razors, shaving cream, deodorant, soaps, lotions and other products for bathing, hair care products, skin care products, nail and cuticle care products, etc. We stock these products from well-known brands you can trust. 

You don’t need to be heading off on holiday to reach for the sunscreen, and here in our sun care department you’ll find products at varying SPF levels to protect all of the family. Please note well that while lighter skin is more prone to sun damage, even dark skin can get sunburned and also develop skin cancer. So it is advisable that people of all skin tones should always wear sunscreen.

If the sun is out even on a cloudy day, sunscreen is a must to protect against skin damage. Whether you’re planning a day by the pool, on the beach or a stroll and picnic in the local park, ensure you’re prepared with your favourite sunscreen lotion or sun spray to safeguard your skin. Our range of sun care products includes favourites from trusted brands. With pocket-sized options that fit in your handbag or sports bag, you can safely guard against sunburn whilst on the move.

Our sun care range includes sunscreen lotions and sun sprays that span factor 15 right up to factor 50, and there are also once a day sun care products that offer protection for longer. To help calm, cool and hydrate sun exposed skin we stock after-sun and sunburn lotions that soothe too.

You may want to pick up some insect repellent to put off unwelcome pests, along with calamine lotion and other products to take the pain out of insect bites and stings.

We carry a wide variety of insect repellents, especially mosquito repellents. These are also in various formulations suitable for babies to adults, in the form of aerosols, lotions, roll-ons and sprays, from popular brands.