Rugged or neat, a man is a man. Your body is a temple and it should be treated as such. Head to toe.  Male grooming has a come a long way since the mustiest cavemen “led” the pack era.

From early Ancient Egyptian times to present day- men have paid attention to the way they look. the male grooming industry keeps growing and more men are becoming more conscious of their appearance.  Most major brands are developing skin and hair products specifically for men because they understand that male grooming goes way beyond dabbing on a bottle of cologne and a stylish cut.


Male Grooming Evolution

Contrary to popular belief male grooming didn’t begin with the modern fashionable men who coined the term metro-sexual, it dates as far back as BC. The Egyptians (male and female) of the Cleopatra era used different oils and milk for both beautification to combat the affects of the hot, dry desert air. This ‘desert life’ required men and women to bath regularly and they even developed treatments for balding men. Men make fun of women shaving their eyebrows off to draw them back on but history says razors and tweezers were actually used more by men more than women.

From the time of Cleopatra, to The Roman empire, throughout to Victorian era, Great depression and more liberal 1900s; each era brought on a trend that shaped male grooming as it is today.


Hair Length

BC and about a century ago, a bald head was the trend. In fact, long hair only became popular in the 1960s -1970s. Fast forward to the 2010’s, and long hair with untamed facial hair is all the rage. 

The mane is not only a crown of glory in the lion kingdom, today;s men also uses their hair to make a statement. Want a short trim, stylish waves, to make a statement with a fro, sleek cut, to take it back to the roman era with a bald head or to keep up with the hipsters with a modern man bun? Whatever your pick, you need to take good care of your hair.


Facial Hair 

Beard evolution is king f the male grooming pack. 2010s pushed beards in the spotlight. Once seen as a symbol of rebellion is now commonplace in the workplace and business meetings. Beard maintenance is an art manyy want to master but have a hard time doing so because they won’t see it beyond just growing it out. Beard oils, balms brushes and lotions are essential must have for anyone looking to grow their beard and lucky for you we stock them.

 But as popular as beards are, being clean shaven is still a thing and will never go completely out of style. And even that requires a routine to avoid irritation.



I can bet a lot that our grandfathers never thought twice about their skin and only used a bar soap to wash both body and face. But those days have passed. More men have an actual skin routine now even though many won’t admit it. A good skin regimen that includes facial skin products is standard to men’s grooming and looking good.



Someone once tweeted, “want to make a statement without saying a word? Step up your cologne game.” The man with the strongest “natural” scent is no longer the preferred mate. Cologne is such an essential part of men’s grooming that many men will forego all the other stuff for a good smelling quality scent. But it is not about what your friend is wearing, what is popular, but what mixes well with your natural smell to for that beautifully intoxicating smell that will turn heads. Whatever your preference is, EDT or EDP we have a range of classics and popular scents visit

Style and trends are  always evolving  and will continue to do so. Get on the wagon and up your self care routine, inside out.


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